Become a Chiropractic Billing Rockstar!

Do you find the medical insurance billing process overwhelming? 

Is your staff in need of training and support? 

We can help!

Build a strong foundation.

A properly trained staff is key to the operation of a successful practice. Many offices today struggle to balance expenses and are just getting by. 

Just getting by isn't good enough. In order to manage the billing aspect of a medical practice effectively, and increase revenue while still keeping expenses low, education is key. Here at Help My Biller, we recognize the need for affordable education materials that provide the information that is essential for managing your in-house billing.  

Not every office can afford to outsource. 

While outsourcing may be a solution for some, it is not always possible or necessary to send your billing outside the office. Many offices run their administrative functions effectively right in-house, keeping costs low. But without the basic skills, billing can quickly become out of hand, with revenue lost beyond recoupment and creating a stressful environment. 

We will guide you through the medical billing process, giving you the tools you need to:


  • Easily identify necessary information
  • Manage patient encounters efficiently
  • Navigate the claim submission and payment process
  • Address denial situations 
  • Handle Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Billing 
  • Understand HIPAA compliance
  • Review current terminology, codes, and modifiers
  • Includes continued support with webinar purchase

Let us build your medical billing confidence so 

you can build a thriving and successful practice.

Are you ready to become a rockstar?


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